sábado, 28 de dezembro de 2013

Warm up Doodle

Here are a couple of illustrations I did for Portent, the Webcomic. The first one features Hammerfall II and the second features Portent on his very first fight. Want to know more? Check out the webcomic!


Meet Portent! He's the main character on a new funny and action packed webcomic I'm working on. Written and lettered by MaGnUs, drawn by me, and greys by Pedro Carvalho. It's available simultaneously in English, Spanish, and Portuguese!

English: http://portent.thecomicseries.com/

Spanish (nothing here yet, check on Sunday): http://marcheuncuadrito.blogspot.com/search/label/Portento

Portuguese: English: http://oportento.thecomicseries.com/

Iron Man Commission

 Here's an Iron Man commission I did earlier this year. Enjoy!

Kubrick's Garage 48 - What's in the Box?

Here's one more page pf A Garagem de Kubrick, regular webcomic drawn by me and written by my friend J.B. Martins. Please fullview!

sábado, 13 de julho de 2013

Kubrick's Garage 46 - Gym of the Living Dead

We found out why zombies run so fast lately. All is explained on the latest A Garagem de Kubrick, regular webcomic drawn by me and written by my friend J.B. Martins. Please fullview!

sábado, 22 de junho de 2013

Latest page of A Garagem de Kubrick, translated to english for your viewing pleasure. Hope you like it!

sábado, 4 de maio de 2013

Cover - GAS3K.4

Here’s the cover I did for GAS3K.4, a collection of short comics and general awesomeness. Thanks to my friend Magnus von Tesla for inviting me to draw this cover, I had a blast :D Keep an eye out for GAS3K.4, it’ll be for sale at Montevideo Comics and it’ll be available for download soon after that.

segunda-feira, 18 de março de 2013

Maurice Moss

Hey guys, it’s time for another Mike and Carla Jam! It’s been a while since we jammed and I missed it, so it felt great to get back on track. Our theme this time around was Comedy Shows.
I’ve recently started watching The IT Crowd and I’ve surrendered to it. It’s an hilarious show, and I’m currently on its final season. It’s funny, when I started watching, I didn’t think I’d like it - shows with laugh tracks kind of annoy me now - but it really grew on me. So, I chose to draw Moss. He’s a sort of unique looking character - mostly because of his hair - and he was a lot of fun to draw. Initially I wanted to draw more of the gang - Roy, Richmond, Jen - but I’ve been drawing very little lately due mostly to reasons related to my day job, I feel rusty and I feared I wouldn’t do a good job if I tackled them all.
Anyway, it felt great to just draw for fun again, and I can’t wait until the next jam. Stay tuned toMike’s awesome tumblr to see what he did for the jam!

domingo, 24 de fevereiro de 2013

Kubrick's Garage #44

Latest installment of Kubrick’s Garage, poking fun at the fact that, once again, there is no portuguese movie at the Oscars.

We’re also trying out a new layout, without the header, to put the focus right on the comic. Let me know what you think, guys.

sábado, 26 de janeiro de 2013

Look back at 2012

Here’s a look back at some of the stuff I drew on 2012. I hope 2013 is a year for more productivity and improvement!