sexta-feira, 30 de julho de 2010

Metamorpho for Nate Bellegarde

So today is Nate Bellegarde's birthday. He is an amazing artist, and I urge you all to go check out his blog here. His request for birthday gifts was very simple: he asked people to draw Metamorpho for him. And so I did! I don't know Nate personally, and to be honest I'm not that familiar with Metamorpho either, but he is an artist whose work I really admire, and so I couldn't let his birthday go by without drawing good ol' Metamorpho. I've been with a horrible lack of drawing time - as you can all guess by the irregular posting - but I manage to save a couple of minutes last night to draw this humble sketch of Metamorpho.

Happy birthday, Nate!

Edit: Comics Alliance made a nice round up of all the Metamorphos drawn for Nate, so you can check all of them out - and mine too! - at the Comics Alliance website, here. Go, go, go!

Toxic Avenger

Awesome illustrator and all around cool guy Carl Pearce promoted a little competition over at his deviantart page a while ago. What was the theme of the competition? Well, nothing more nothing less than the Toxic Avenger. He suggested people drew whatever they wanted from the Toxic Avenger universe, and it sounded like a really cool idea to me - Toxie is one of those iconic B-movie characters, and I had never drawn him before, so this was a great excuse to do so. Carl liked this pic, and I had a blast doing it, so it all came together nicely. You might have seen the pic before, but even if you have, I hope you enjoy it all over again.

quinta-feira, 22 de julho de 2010

Kubrick's Garage 22

Here's the latest Kubrick's Garage, for your viewing delight! I even translated this one, but I've been told that wouldn't have been necessary, since the punchline on this strip is so clear. And that is: Ash + shotgun + shooting a vampire in the head = win. Formula for success, kids. Here it is, I hope you enjoy it, and don't feel sorry for Edward. He's a vampire, he's dead already.

Don't forget to click on the page to fullview!

segunda-feira, 19 de julho de 2010

Hammer Killer - page 3

Hey guys! Time to get hammered: here's the third and final page of my first Hammer Killer story. Hopefully I'll get around to creating more material with him in the future, because I have a strange fondness for this character. Hope you enjoyed the story - or the drawings, at least. I'll keep my promise of translating this, cheesy one-liners and all!

sexta-feira, 16 de julho de 2010

Hammer Killer - page 2

Hey, guys!

Here's the second page of my 3-page epic (ah!) comic of the Hammer Killer. My original black and white version of this page was exhibited on the International Comics Festival of Beja, so I don't have it with me right now to take a photo of the inks and post it. But anyway, here's the colored version and a photo of my little niche in Beja. Enjoy!

Enjoy, and stay tuned for the third page!
P.S. I'm sorry for posting this in portuguese only, but I believe the hammering to be an universal language (I'm kidding, I've just been incredibly busy and didn't get around to translate it. I hope to do it sometime!).

quinta-feira, 15 de julho de 2010

Hammer Killer - page 1

It just hit me that I never got around to posting the 3-page comic I made for Zona Fantástica (a comics/illustration magazine). So why not do it now? I've been extremely busy and it's been difficult to find the time to produce new material, so that gives me a good excuse to post pages that are a few months old.

The comic I did was supposed to work like a Grindhouse trailer. I get a real kick out of those old, horror-grindhouse movie trailers - which are frequently better than the movies themselves - with lots of violence and cheesy taglines, so I tried to capture a little bit of that spirit with the comic. It was also a way to use my character - the Hammer Killer - on something other than a few random illustrations. He's a psychopath - much like Jason or Michael Myers - that comes out in St. John's night and starts hammering people to death. Fun, uh? Well, the joke is that in my hometown (Oporto, Portugal) people celebrate St. John's night by going outside and hammering each other in the head with plastic hammers. This guy just happens to use a real one.

Well, enough typing for now. I leave you with the first page of the Hammer Killer's comic debut. Click on the page to fullview, and enjoy!

If you want to buy any or all of the Zona issues so far, you can do so at Zona's Blog (shipping is free inside Portugal).

terça-feira, 13 de julho de 2010

Walter Sobchak

The Big Lebowski is an awesome movie, and that is a good enough reason to break out the good old pencil and paper and work on a little fan art. That's what I did last year, and this was the result. I did this in a time crunch, so I used a very simple coloring technique, to mimic the style and look of an old, worn out comic. I have to do a more elaborate piece dedicated to the Dude and the rest of the awesome cast of characters this movie has, but, for now, here's Walter Sobchak keeping you company. Enjoy!

sábado, 3 de julho de 2010

Great Scott! 25 already?

Yeah, it's true. Today is the 25th birthday of Back to the Future, that cinematic slice of awesomeness! My friend J.B. Martins, writer of Kubrick's Garage, said it'd be cool if I drew up a little pic to celebrate this important date. I didn't have much time to put something together, but here is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy it! Click on the image to fullview.

Happy birthday to Doc Brown and Marty McFly. Thanks for all the hours of fun!
You can check the original post on Cineblog here.