quinta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2010

Atomic Robo

I recently discovered the Atomic Robo comics and I have to say... I highly enjoy them. They're a lot of fun, Robo is a really cool character, and I absolutely love the art. I couldn't help doing a quick bit of fan art. Enjoy, and I highly recommend you read Atomic Robo!

quarta-feira, 20 de outubro de 2010

Zona Negra 2

Alright, this information is a little bit more relevant to my portuguese watchers, but I'll keep it in english so everyone can understand it. The next issue of the alternative magazine Zona, Zona Negra 2, will be released on October 30th, on the Amadora BD festival. For those of you that don't know, Amadora BD is the largest festival dedicated to comics in Portugal, so this is pretty cool. Zona Negra 2 is focused on horror, and has 96 pages of comics and illustrations in black and white, dedicated to the theme. In addition to that, it features an interview with Manuel Alves, a long-term collaborator. The awesome cover for this issue, that you can check out below, was created by Ricardo Reis. I, along with many other artists, will be there signing autographs on October 30th and 31st, so if you're in the area, please stop by!

I collaborated with my friend, and co-creator of Kubrick's Garage, J.B. Martins, to create a 3-page comic. I can't show it to you yet - you'll have to buy Zona Negra 2 if you want to see it - but I can give you a little tease: here's a pannel from my comic.

This issue has a selection of works created by 28 authors:

Adelina Menaia - www.osescudosdalusitania.blogspot.com
André Adonis
André Oliveira - www.andreoliveirabd.blogspot.com
Carla Rodrigues - www.cool-slayer.deviantart.com
Carlos Páscoa - www.wappendorf.deviantart.com
Catarina Guerreiro - www.maquie.deviantart.com
César Évora - www.cesarcartoon.blogspot.com
Diana David - www.dianadavid.webuda.com
Diogo Campos - www.full-of-void.blogspot.com
Fil - www.filbd.blogspot.com
Gabriel Martins - www.alternative-prison.blogspot.com
JB Martins - www.cineblog.blogs.sapo.pt
João Figueiredo - www.osescudosdalusitania.blogspot.com
João Raz - www.razael.synthasite.com
LLL - www.r2fl.blogspot.com
Locato Buscaglia
Manuel Alves - www.utopia-studio.blogspot.com
Miguel Gabriel - www.nosnalinha.pt
Miguel Santos - www.pictishscout.deviantart.com
Pedro Carvalho - www.cosmic-rocket-man.deviantart.com
Ricardo Correia - www.osescudosdalusitania.blogspot.com
Ricardo Reis - www.ricardoreis.deviantart.com
Rodolfo Buscaglia - www.rodolfobuscaglia.daportfolio.com
Rui Alex - www.jackolta.blogspot.com/
Sónia Brochado
Sónia Oliveira - www.cirandara.com
Véte - www.vetesketchbooks.blogspot.com
Z! - www.burnay.deviantart.com

If you want to buy this, or other, issues, please go to Zona's blog and you can take it from there. Shipping is free to Portugal.

segunda-feira, 11 de outubro de 2010

So I recently watched Aachi and Ssipak...

It's a south-korean animated movie, and it's simultaneously one of the coolest and weirdest movies I've ever seen. Here's a super quick drawing of one of the characters. Enjoy!

segunda-feira, 4 de outubro de 2010

Toy Story

Toy Story is one of my favorite franchises of all time, animated or otherwise. I saw the first one when I was 10 years old and now, as a grown up of 25, I saw the story come full circle with Toy Story 3. These are great movie, full of heart and humor, and with such a colorful cast of characters, that I felt sorry for never drawing Woody and Buzz - outside of their brief appearance on one of the Kubrick's Garage strips. Today I had a day off from work and decided to right that wrong. Here's a quick pic of Woody and Buzz I managed to put together in this lazy day that I've been long deserving. Hope you enjoy it!