quarta-feira, 31 de março de 2010

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Ah, the turtles. We all loved them, right? If you point me to someone born and raised in the 80s who didn't love the old Turtles cartoon, I'll give you a cookie. It was pretty much the coolest thing ever when I was a little girl, and today I look back at the cartoon with nostalgia. Sure, the Turtles are still on tv and movies, but it's just not the same. Just as I grew up, the turtles changed and I can no longer identify with the newer series. That being said, they're still a lot of fun to draw. That's why I dedicating this post to some of the most recent pieces I've done on the turtles and the villains from the show.

On December 2008, I wanted to offer a cool poster, made by me, to my boyfriend for his birthday. It didn't take long before I decided it should be something related to the Turtles (since we were both such huge fans when we were kids). This is what I came up with:

I offered it to him and, to my joy, he loved it, so I later posted it to my deviantart page. It turns out this started a challenge with my friend Oscar, where we would challenge each other to keep drawing characters from the turtles. So, in February 2009, my gallery saw the arrival of Krang, complete with bright, 80ish colors.

The following month, in March, we both drew Rocksteady, and here is mine:

I wanted him to look ridiculous, to match his somewhat dumb personality in the show, so I gave him a big upper body and tiny legs - something I would also do when Bebop's turn came around. Me and Oscar kept forgetting to draw poor Bebop, and I only got around to drawing him last March - funnily enough, almost exactly one year after I posted Rocksteady. Here's Bebop:

I hope you enjoyed this look back through my TMNT themed artwork. Let me know what you think, and stay tuned for new posts!

terça-feira, 30 de março de 2010

Sketchcard 3 - Boba Fett

And now, another post dedicated to a sketch card. This time, it was Boba Fett's turn! I had never drew Bobba Fett before, but since so many people like this character, I thought it would be a good pick for the card. After all, if you draw popular characters, there's a higher chance that people will buy them, and the whole point of this is to raise as much money as possible for charity.

Here is the inked version. As with Lobster Johnson, I forgot to take photos of the pencils, so we're jumping straight into the inks.

Next, I started laying down the colors, using colored pencils (like I did before). This photo didn't turn out great, I apologize for the weird lighting.

And here's the end result! Used a simple colored background, like I did before.

I hope you enjoy yet another post dedicated to a sketch card. There's still one more to go, so expect that one soon!

Sketchcard 2 - Lobster Johnson

One more peek at another of the sketchcards I produced to benefit the American Cancer Society. I hope it's not a boring idea and that you guys get a kick out of this instead of just seeing the finished product.
Well, this next card features Lobster Johnson, who's not an actual lobster - he's a character from the Hellboy world that I had never drawn before. I don't have as many photos of Lobster as I had of Terry Bogard, so we're jumping directly into inks. Or we can pretend I drew this with a pen, straight up, because I'm cool like that.

So here he is, looking a bit pouty. I wanted him to look "intense", but turns out he looks more pouty than anything.

Started laying down the colors. As with the previous card, I used colored pencils. I'd love to try out prisma markers sometime, but I have no idea where to get them here and I've been too lazy to hunt for them online. Also, I'm scared they'll be super expensive.

The colors are pretty much finished here. Added a simple background to make Lobster pop a little more.

Ta-da! Lobster is finished, and here he is next to Terry. It looks like he's disapproving of Terry being so smiley. Lighten up, Lobster. You'll make money for a good cause.

Hope you enjoyed this once again. If you did, I'll keep posting these!

Sketchcard 1 - Terry Bogard

This year I had the pleasure of creating a small set of 4 sketchcards for Comics for Cures, to benefit the American Cancer Society. Artists donate sketchcards for the show. The sketchcards will then be part of a gallery show, and after that they're put on eBay, and all proceeds from the auction go to the American Cancer Society. It is pretty awesome, and whenever I have the chance of helping out with my scribbles, I'm glad to jump at the opportunity. The auction was supposed to go live on April 3rd, but I was just told that the date was moved to May 22nd, so it'll still be a while before you can bid on those cards.
Anyway, I've posted the cards over at deviantart, but I promised I'd post some progress shots over here. So, in an effort to put this blog to better use, here go some shots of the first card I did, Terry Bogard:

First, here are the penciled lines. Why did I go with Terry Bogard? Well, I love the game series King of Fighters, and Fatal Fury too, where this character is from. He's not one of my favorites from either game, but I had never drawn him before so I figured I'd give it a shot. Also, I think he's a popular character and so his card will probably sell well in the auction (I hope).

Here I've moved on to inks. I kept it pretty clean and simple. The cards are relatively small (about 6x9 cm.) and I'm not really used to drawing small, so the pose isn't very original or fresh, but I tried to make up for it.

Started laying down the colors with my mighty colored pencils. Well, I say mighty but in reality I hardly ever color with colored pencils. The scanner destroys the coloring and that made me almost quit coloring pencils a long time ago. But I enjoyed the practice, and I think I might have to keep going at it. I love the organic feeling of coloring traditionally as oposed to digitally.

Ta-da, the card is done here! Just added a simple background that makes Terry pop out a little more. As you can see it's a fairly simple process, and a lot of fun. I hope this card raises a lot of money for the good cause. Stay tuned, I may do similar posts of my other cards!

Hope you enjoyed this!

Here's to a new blog beginning

Hello, visitor!

Welcome to my new blog. You might have come here from my other blog, my deviantart page or another of my internet hang outs. And, if I already have so many places were I update and post my art, why create a new one? Well, bottom line is, my other blog, as much as I like it, is kind of poorly organized and has a lot of personal posts in it, not related to art. And that's why I wanted to have a place where I could focus solely on art, post complete pieces and sketches and basically gather it all in one place, which I'll hopefully keep better organized. So, I hope you'll enjoy your stay! You're more than welcome to start following the blog and share your opinions with me.