quinta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2011

The Amazing Joy Buzzards

I don't have a lot of new work I can show you guys just yet, so I'll leave you with this little homage to the awesome comic that is The Amazing Joy Buzzards I did back in 2009. It's a creation that belongs to Mark Andrew Smith and Dan Hipp, and I highly recommend a read. Hope you like this!

terça-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2011

A Garagem de Kubrick 27 - The Deadly Network

The new page from the webcomic I draw, A Garagem de Kubrick, written by my friend J.B. Martins, is finally out! I apologize for being in portuguese only, but hopefully the drawings can be universally enjoyed. Right? Right? (I know that you're missing out on the joke for not knowing portuguese, but I promise I'll be better and I'll translate these more often. Deal?).

Don't forget to fullview!

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