sexta-feira, 21 de maio de 2010

Night of the Living Podcast

As you all know, I love horror movies. When I started listening to podcasts, I discovered a lot of horror podcast, and started following some of them.

Night of the Living Podcast quickly became my favorite - not only did they discuss horror movies, but all the hosts are hilarious and I swear I almost can't listen to the show on public places because it's hard not to crack up. So, a while back (so this isn't exactly new work), I decided to draw a little gift for the hosts, and this is what I came up with

It was easy deciding on what I wanted to do: since it's a podcast "dedicated to all things horror", trying to reproduce the general look of an old, vintage EC comics cover seemed like a perfect choice. That's what I went for, and hopefully that's the vibe you got.

I can't recommend this podcast enough to horror fans, the hosts are not only hilarious but very capable of delivering some really interesting discussions about horror movies and film in general. It's my favorite podcast out there, so go to NOTLP and check it out for yourself!

3 comentários:

  1. this is EPIC!!
    e ai k tu.. a deixar estas perolas de carnificina fora do belo DA.

    :D <3

  2. Este Jan a k ano e k se refere?
    E k a frente cover e muito Vintage como bem mencionas mas os bonecos animados sao me introduzidos por ti, por isso tou pk aki em londres compensa estar-se semfusa.

  3. Pedro - olha que eu pus no DA também ;)

    Dina - É Janeiro de 2010 :) Eu é que gosto de fazer as coisas parecer vintage. Quanto mais rasgadas as capas, melhor haha