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Cadavre Exquis page 44

A cadavre exquis, or "exquisite corpse" in english, is a collaborative method of creation in which each author adds a sentence, or a drawing, to a previous set of sentences or drawings made by other authors, in order to create a story that makes sense in the whole. Maybe this isn't the best explanation ever, but most of you are probably familiar with the concept of the thing already.

Well, portuguese comic artist extraordinaire Daniel Maia started a Cadavre Exquis back in 2008, with the participation of many portuguese comic artists and illustrators, each artist creating a page. The project is a lot of fun, and Daniel invited me to contribute with the 44th page of this ongoing story! I accepted, of course, and it a lot of fun. After 43 pages, you can imagine how insane the story got, with different people putting their own spin on the characters and events, and my page ended up being no different. I went a little crazy with it and made a giant baby stomp around! I apologize to my international followers for only having the page in portuguese, but don't worry - it doesn't make a whole lot of sense detached from the other pages, so understanding the plot is not essential. And it's pretty self-explanatory anyway. Still, here it is, and I hope you enjoy it!

Click on the page to see it bigger! And if you want to see the original post on the Cadavre Exquis blog, go here.

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