quinta-feira, 8 de abril de 2010

Sketchcard 4 - Lion-O

Well, the time has come to post the fourth and final sketchcard I did for this year's Comics for Cures, the BlueLinePro/Sketch Magazine Sketchcard Event for Cancer. I picked Lion-O, not only because of nostalgia but also because I realized I had never drawn him before. And who didn't love the Thundercats?

Here are the inked lines. As before, I totally forgot to take a photo of the pencils only stage, but it didn't differ too much from this except that it was, you know, penciled and not inked. I didn't get too crazy with the drawing, so it was pretty simple and straightforward.

Then, I started coloring the card with pencils. I used the same method for all four of the cards.

The background was, like in the other cards, just a simple color.

And know here are the cards all together! You might have seen them before on deviantart, but still, it's a first for this blog, so I hope you enjoy the set.

Sketchcards are really a ton of fun to make. I'd love to go a little crazier and be a bit more bold in the next ones. Hopefully I'll get to draw many more in the future.
I'll let you know once these cards are up for auction!

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  1. Its nice to see you colouring by hand and not using computer black magic!

    They all look great!