terça-feira, 20 de abril de 2010

Kubrick's Garage - 17

As you may or may not know (you probably don't know if you're an entirely new visitor), I've been collaborating with my friend J.B. Martins on a regular webcomic focused on cinema and pop culture. It's called Kubrick's Garage. You might have heard of it if you used to follow my other blog, or follow me on deviantart or twitter - I pretty much talk about it a lot, not only because I want to promote it, but because I'm genuinely proud of this project. J.B. delivers consistently funny scripts, and I love drawing them. But since I haven't posted anything about the webcomic on this blog so far, I'll leave you with the latest strip, number 17. I apologize that the text is in portuguese, but I didn't get a chance to translate it yet.

Click on the page to see it bigger!

By the way, Kubrick's Garage has a fan page on facebook, where we post sketches, finished strips, and all kinds of other goodies. So come join us there: Kubrick's Garage on Facebook.

5 comentários:

  1. Gosto muito, muito pro!

    Manuel Morgado

  2. Ahhh too bad i dont have the life suking facebook!!!lol
    mas ontem tive tentado a ter outra vez, mas depois lembreime porque é que apaguei aquilo.

  3. there is BRILLIANT written all over this post! :B

  4. Manuel - obrigada! Dá sempre um gozo especial fazer estas tiras :)

    Mário - o facebook só é lifesucking se jogares farmville ou essas treta. Assim não podes ser meu fã! *sad face* :P

    Pedro - and there is brilliant written all over your face! :D

  5. Tá muito fixe Carla!
    É o único webcomic que eu sigo regularmente.